Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The incident bang!!!

21st Jun 2006
first time is my life a had a blog!!!, it is something that i could not afford it by myself. since 1990, my life become a great boy was vanished and disappered by itself because I had a car crashed. When I woke up after the incident, I felf that I'm not the one anymore, I'm not the greatest boy anymore, why? Because my leg had cut out by a surgery doctor. " The boy maybe cannot life longer if I not make the desicion," the man that cut my precious leg said. Now I'm 18 years old and I walked with my new right leg. it's a metal. Before walking into the college, I make myself confident, tears flowing at my cheek and close my eyes. praying. I went confidently and smiled at my new class-mate."it is beginning, the victory will in my bare hand"


hi there i'm here 2 say that i very greatful to have my first blog, actually i'm not confortable with it since I have no ideas to create this blog. maybe it's time to comfortable with it. done!
Have A nice day everyone =)