Saturday, January 12, 2008

The untouchable final 28

Im declared myself as LIVERPOOL fan. so while I was surfing the internet i got a new, fantastic info to share with you guys.

There is a video about Torres and Gerrard combination in this season. I think they had good chemistry that will impact the club became bigger. so..

here 's the link

Friday, January 11, 2008

Good opportunity once in a year

This story is about me and my friend happened in 10jan08.

The main objective is to meet some of my friends in Bangi. We agreed to meet in Mid while I invited one of my friend, Pul.?. We started from Gombak at 1400 by Rapid KL, drop off and rode KTM train until reached Mid Valley.

There were a lots of people everywhere. WHY??? we chattered awhile. "why there're lots of humans here, at this time." We had no idea. While waiting for my friends coming, i was walking along all brand outlets that famous all the world. It surprised me that all expensive t-shirt and pants turned below Rm50 which the original price was rm100 and above. there was 50percent off. At the end of the route, i focused my bare eyes to a paper that stamped on a glass. It wrote "END YEAR SALES!!!". We laughed and searched for ATM machine. What a day. lol

Finally, I bought a T-shirt priced about Rm20, it is SAMUEL & KEVIN brand after meet my friends.

I'll post the shirt here, for approving my statement.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Top 10 Sports Stars of 2007

1. Anna Kournikova[tennis player]

2. Maria Sharapova[tennis player]

3. Cristiano Ronaldo[football player]

4. Tiger Woods[golf player]

5. Danica Patrick[IRL Driver]

6. Michelle Wie[golf player]

7. Barry Bonds[besbol player]

8. Lucas Neill[football player]

9. Lance Armstrong[bike]

10. Tom Brady

New life.... begin, part 2

Here's the news.. something happened at the first time we went there.

1. Our friends lost the true way [ lost for 1 hour]
2. We surrounded by a bunch of unknown citizen.
3. We got an small accident while waited for traffic light. [ a girl driver crushed us]
4. Another accident, it is same accident that we had before.. the different are type of car, amount
of passenger, place, and time. The car became just like Burger'

we got the house after meet the owner, it was a nice corner lot house. Such a big for 6-7 people, Pay less, and maybe can be gardener someday because there was a small field at our back yard.
A friend of mine said " I will seeing my plant grow up right here", while pointed a spot.. We smiled agreely..:::::

The things i always think are how to get good result in my exam. hopefully with flying colours. ;D
My friend, Along will handling the matter of the house, as I said yesterday to him. He will handling about economy, and the owner. Hopefully the owner will satisfiying with us as he smiles..

Saturday, January 05, 2008

New life.... begin, part 1

I wanted to go out from this house one day, because there are much nostalgic story to be heard.

My friends had to do it or... we will be old life forever which can't "out from the box". There are much to be said. There much to be listened. who knows, this is the end. Of me. All my planning gone wrong. All began to spread to pieces... This is my drastic move which I have to "out from the box". Although this is my lonely move, my friends also have their lonely move. There are nothing different in ours. hehe. I gladly have someone who agreed my opinion. This might cheering me awhile. So we went out from the box at 7JAN08 after I found the best place for us. A friend helped me find the house. He is a good person i known because he is willing to help me although we just friend 3 days. His searched began with his old house at TMN KOPERASI POLIS FASA 1, but failed. then, he got a friend which is finding some roommate, so he suggested me to move in, but something blocked our goal. Nevermind!.

[end part 1]