Tuesday, January 20, 2009


i woke up early morning this time because i had to catch up showering grass before my grandma do so. she is a physically weak but her spirit is strong. so if i late to do it. she will do it and it wil cause her bad thing. her knee is not so well.

now i am in the office doing my part time job. updating website features and content. i surfing the internet a couple of time. and find a good thing to share with.. on ohcun created by bro khai. there was a label of massive web design and one of them attract me most. it is plurk.com. plurk is a web that tell you what your friend doing. they keep updating what their doing by plurking in a timeline. so you dont have to ask always.. it more fun. than other social network website.

i m new in plurk. so i have to explore more myself. bye

Thursday, January 15, 2009


i receive my muet result today.
actually im abit afraid of the result because people always do.so my fren. wanda, willingly to check my result as me checking my sis and her friend result. so i went to www.mpm.edu.my . type their IC numbers and wallah! . they got band 2.

then wanda msg me ,"wanna know your result?" i just calm and relax asking "what happen.?"
"We are same," she reply. without any doubt i ask her. "msg me hurray if i got band 4"[.......]. no she said.. hmm... not good enough i guest..

i got band 3..

the day is far worst than yesterday. i hope that our dream come true. making history one day.

Monday, January 12, 2009


juz now i surf the internet using mozilla firefox. i type www.upu.mohe.my for applying to local university. afte i fill all the requirement form in 1st page. suddenly my face became pale.
it want to fill SPM slip index number. i rarely seen this slip for last 3years.. if i cannot complete the form within in 3 days, the application form will be closed and i cannot countinue my studies to degree. how awful. i hardly to smile and sleep well cause of my careless.

today i want to search it for entire house till death, bye

Sunday, January 11, 2009


yesterday was a happy moment for my soul. i spend so much time to upload my website to the internet. so i ask to a forum that i love to hangout. the forum have a large community who can share information and knowledge. we called it scukz . thank god, all with their help now i may upload it myself with filezilla. it is ftp client (ftp stands for File Transfer Protocol).

Also i found my searching by clicking on dynamic drive . the website provide a lot of java script and DHTML that suite for any website..

people attend to make mistakes by not asking somebody else for their problem. they will face it with their entire life.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


while im surfing the internet this morning. i found a great widget to share with. it can load to any website or blog yourself..

you may pick any of those images there or just creating yourself with our own skills
for me i already had one on my top right..

how to use the widget :
1. Right Click Mouse and go to Properties
Copy the Image URL
3. Generate adiWidget Code here: http://adiwidget.com/adiCode.htm
4. Paste the code in your HTML before the < /body> tag.

exmple images..

credit to http://adiwidget.blogspot.com/

Friday, January 09, 2009


today is january,5,2009..1057

im on duty now. since last minutes. im find myself difficult to solve some of requirement tht may not happen.. hmm. it is to change a little layout that using so much time and script. just now i m finding myself hard to solve the situation. for the script, although i tried so much ways. it just now the right script. there is not any solution..hmm.. i just tell him, my boss that the layout would not come. hmm,, my head is felt dizzy . so horroble.

there are some task also here. the first thing is im not paying attention to my proposal and progress report which are must submit last year. the tasks was done! but there is not any movement to binding it and send it to a post office nearby. i just been inform from a lecturer that the college must receive it with binding. my expectation is just fax it to college. hmm

Thursday, January 08, 2009


thank god,
my job in magazine design is done this evening..
now i can pay my attention to website project. during practical training, student like me mostly
in computer course have several project to be done in a distance time. they
must choose between networking, multimedia or database, and system. i chosed website multimedia which i must embed some flash movie and creative design. mostly im using 2 popular application. there are adobe photoshop for editing pictures and swishmax 7.0 for making flash movie...nvm

the important thing is the website must complete next week and ready to be in the world web.

it's too late now. i got to go.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


what a exhausted day,

my design for magazine is not complete yet.
my boss, editor of the mag told me that i had to make some
changes in my last design and add some element.
it not really a bad idea coz the magazine must be complete
with desire and passion.

i :reda: with the job. they promised me to give me
1 of 12 completed mag when it released.[nvm]

tomorrow i must accomplished at least 4 design
as same as today..

thank you, i m done now!