Thursday, July 31, 2008


Today i'll share about a website that makes customize effect.

The website provided :

1. photo frames

2. your own tatoo

3. write message in sand

4. Make a custom soccer jersey with your name, number, and color scheme.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My last semester

i found it difficult to find myself where is my position these days. since 2007, i was hopeless. there's a lot of pressure on my shoulder that i barely couldnt hold for a long time. Some bad nostalgia that happened in this year i couldn't forget. never forget.

Thank god[alhamdulillah]. i am survive till this moment. i can see the real world outside my window. Tomorrow, i'll go outside and go underneath them. looking for a real world means.

These days, ive been appointed as a president for my company. my company name is Evolution event ( or E2). our organisation function is to provide services to any customer who wanna make a huge event and excitement also fun thing. For examples festival, ceremony, competition, party, conversation and others. From our experience, customer have a plan that in mind and it was imagination but we can make it real, better or in front of their bare eyes, they'll experience without any imagination and past experience because we have a technology named super imposed. The super imposed technology will take care of their imagination that would create a virtual world.To be in this job you must have a dip or certificate in interior decorator. It is a awesome technology. i bet on it.

Since last month, my heart was beating so fast. i knew why, but i couldn't stop it. it shakes very fast everytime i thought about her. always thinking bout her when phone rang, when phone message beeped, before sleeping at night, [sigh]. I Really had a miserable day. Although i had a bunch of crazy friend which same as mine. We may laugh together, do work together, order delivery meals together, jogging together, even got warning letter for not attending class. but, that's nothing near her. I am just a boy who missing something.. She got "something". uhuhuhuhu. I keep asking myself "Why?", Who am i in her heart?. " sure".

Friday, July 11, 2008

Really messed up

Love is a nice song.

who lives in your surroundings.

he will take care of you when you are upset.when you are in tears.

He is an expression makes a wonderful smile in person life.

We cannot describe it as it flows in your living.

Love can be huge as sea, but also small as tiny ant.

All matters are wonder what happen if people live without any love.

Is there "wonderful" tag in his/her life.

We can said "No" to people that willingly to sincerely to our heart and hope that someone special would come in life.

The important thing is you care about it as he's care for ya' .

Accept it as your heart said. It shall bring happy moment.

Hold until your last breath.

Free Al-Quran download in MP3

Al-Quran Free download in mp3 format.

Check it out!!!

There's an easy steps to download.

1. Go to

2. For an example. i chose "Al-Sudais"

3. For an example. i chose "surah 1 to 20"

4. Scroll down a bit. You'll see from surah 001 to surah 020.

5. Click surah that you want to download to your pc.

6. Done !

People nowadays are busy with their life. But those aren't matters without back to basic.
God give us guidance to make lives better and gain better. So, learn from it and never put it behind.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Flash, drifting champion

Here great news for whom interested in drifting. A flash drift that make your hands and legs shaking fastly. try click below and

Start Drifting

click the picture

credit :

Print screen :

How far can you throw ?

Hello everyone =)

during my time in surfing websites and blogs. I want to share something fun to you guys. its about how far you can throw the paper plane. Try once. I bet you will try it second times. :)

click here to play

This is another version

click here for more information

Friday, July 04, 2008

Holiday until 7.7.08 (part 1/2)

i choosed this topic becauce [hate this kindergarden sentence] first of all, my blog is not update. then, i looked in the mirror, and said to myself " what will effect me in few years?" . This is not a first time im thinking about it. maybe hundred times. The holiday that i'd been through is a answer from a gateway to future world that i needed.
I bought a transnational ticket and departed from Kl at 11.00am. I was my first transnational ticket in 1 year and a half. Before this, i choosed Konsortium bus because their ticket always there. Transnational company bus is on of the most suitable and comfortable for a long long journey and cheap cost.
My mounth opened and "Oooooooooooouuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh!!" , What a relief to have came back from frenzy world to heaven. i smiled.

At start, my untie called me since i m in Kl, watching a series drama show. "since you back home, you better come here and help me"She said. "ok", i replied. Then, she picked me at my house since my grandma' want to meet her besan. [aku tak tau dlm bhs inggeris]. I waved 5 fingers to my younger twin siblings.
The Real Drama

At 12.00 pm, we went to her shop at Kepala Batas, Penang. Its about 10minutes to get there. My tasks were create 3 design like 2 banners and a flyer. It took me just 2 days for creating both banners. but, flyers isn't an easy path. I started at 3.00pm until 9.00pm and it was not enough. The flyer cannot be done by tomorrow also. My father drop by to the shop to pick me up back home. He waited for 4 hours, maybe. He is really a good person. Then, i got back to home late at night.

One of the banner :