Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanx ZU

I am a man who just doing my job effective as possible. I am a man who loves shares something useful to another. i am a man who have all secret of my life, but post in my blog. Nothing that far away from my happiness in the world.

Recently i got an award from my blogger friend,Zu. Thanks for that award. I really appreciated that award. it makes me felt better and become great blogger nex time.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

10 tips for good night's sleep

Stick to a schedule. Erratic bedtimes do not allow for your body to align to the proper circadian rhythms. Mum was right when she set a time we always had to go to sleep as kids. Also, make sure you try to keep the same schedule on weekends too, otherwise the next morning, you’d wake later and feel overly tired.

Sleep only at night. Avoid daytime sleep if possible. Daytime naps steal hours from nighttime slumber. Limit daytime sleep to 20-minute, power naps.

Exercise. It’s actually known to help you sleep better. Your body uses the sleep period to recover its muscles and joints that have been exercised. Twenty to thirty minutes of exercise every day can help you sleep, but be sure to exercise in the morning or afternoon. Exercise stimulates the body and aerobic activity before bedtime may make falling asleep more difficult.

Taking a hot shower or bath before bed helps bring on sleep because they can relax tense muscles.

Avoid eating just before bed. Avoid eat large meals or spicy foods before bedtime. Give yourself at least 2 hours from when you eat to when you sleep. This allows for digestion to happen (or at least start) well before you go to sleep so your body can rest well during the night, rather than churning away your food.

Avoid caffeine. It keeps you awake and that’s now what you want for a good nights sleep. We all know that.

Read a fiction book. It takes you to a whole new world if you really get into it. And then take some time to ponder over the book as you fall asleep. I find as I read more and more, regardless of the book, I get more tired at night and so find it easier to fall asleep. Different for others?

Have the room slightly cooler. I prefer this to a hot room. I prefer to turn off the heat and allow the coolness to circulate in and out of the windows. If I get cold, I wear warmer clothes. It also saves on the bills as you’re not going to require the heat all night long.

Sleep in silence. I find sleeping with no music or TV on more easy and restful. I guess others are different, but sleep with no distractions is best for a clearer mind.

Avoid alcohol before bedtime. It’s a depressant; although it may make it easier to fall asleep, it causes you to wake up during the night. As alcohol is digested your body goes into withdrawal from the alcohol, causing nighttime awakenings and often nightmares for some people

credit to ~

Creative innovation

credit to ~

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Next is my practical training. which i consider is really important tough. There are a lot of courses do practical training to complete their diploma. me as well must do so. I is 3 month which must complete with certain any project. The project is given by the practical company such as if the company does multimedia i must do website so as if a network company or hardwaire company.To me it is rather interesting than studying because it is covered with working style and experience to me which is easier to me in future. if im lucky enough, maybe the company take as their permanent employee.

there some matters worrying me right now:
1. im still looking my practical company
2. what happen is i'm fail to find it
3. am i good to suit any job?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Something not yet done~

something need to be done wisely
this thing that come through me are incredible...
just a few time to take over all me ..sigh!

how this is happen to me since i am developing myself into
i could barely thought what will happen
it is small and tiny.

today it seems so dangerous and hard to solve.
i cant take the left steps.
what i trained
what i learned so far

i need time
i need passion
i need superior.

my lord. make me good in that thing.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Meiko; break fast party 2

Gladly i got new friend.

Last night, i went to the break fast party held by hazim group. there was a celebrity there. since the day was her birthday party too. We sang birthday of the year song and clicked some photograph. There will no future party like this. maybe i should put some images here.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Meiko; break fast party

today is sunday,september28,2008. 6.35pm..

i've been invited tp a break fast party at "bukit Antarabangsa". The progress are running smoothly except one. The price might costly. luckly i kept these much money to convince myself to go there. All my "new" friends are going. Some of them I declare as alien to me.. But it is interesting because if the party goes well. I will have some new friends that i remember the rest of my life. Hazim will be driving his dad's car. Proton Waja. Although he is a new license driver. I hope we drive it carefully. but he might create a huss. sometimes.

  • Location : Bukit Antarabangsa
  • Time : break fast. (Maghrib)
  • People : 20 person
  • Cost/person : rm40 (i got "luckly" and a sponsor)

Monday, September 15, 2008

since last Holiday

Since my last holiday which is yesterday, i had a lot of problem that came to me. huh! i got tension all over me.

My friend said the practikal must find myself at my place which is penang pulau mutiara. Thus, my sponsorship is not done yet. tomorrow i have to meet mdm norisawati to have an agreement to receive a resit. Today i already submitted 2 newsletter background to put in the newsletter which will distribute on october. Also magazine design that i must submit on 18september(this thursday).

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Tomorrow Ramadhan

These days as my journey walked on its own path, i looked down pale beyond my limit. i showed untrustworthy to myself. The devil inside me overwhelmed in controlling me, laughing themselves and do major sins ss im doing it so.

Tomorrow is a huge thing happen this year,2008. Its fasting month of the year. I'm feeling lucky so i can throw out all rubbish in me. =) . Thankful to God. He give me one more time to keep me searching good side in this dirty world.

To all muslims, Happy Fasting.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

New day

as i woke up at early morning, i lay down my legs on the floor reaching a home slippers and went to bathroom right away. i looked my face through a mirror which is hanging in front of me. I told myself a couple of times, "what i gonna do today something interesting ," sadly there isn't any answer.sigh!!.

These days, i have a lot of job surrounding myself it like clubs. I got 3 matter to handle with. first my photo magazine club, second president club, and third my group in business communication. it was an awful day to keep those keep going smoothly.I had to do a poster and flyers that related to their competition design like poet, short novel, cover mag design, arabic calligraphy, comics, cartoon and others. then, president club job is to find any sponsor that will put in the workshop on business etiquette and communication.

Suddenly, the door knocked by my housemate,"Hurry up, i gonna piss"." wait la", i replied. my shower that day is not really perfect due to noise created.

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Today i'll share about a website that makes customize effect.

The website provided :

1. photo frames

2. your own tatoo

3. write message in sand

4. Make a custom soccer jersey with your name, number, and color scheme.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My last semester

i found it difficult to find myself where is my position these days. since 2007, i was hopeless. there's a lot of pressure on my shoulder that i barely couldnt hold for a long time. Some bad nostalgia that happened in this year i couldn't forget. never forget.

Thank god[alhamdulillah]. i am survive till this moment. i can see the real world outside my window. Tomorrow, i'll go outside and go underneath them. looking for a real world means.

These days, ive been appointed as a president for my company. my company name is Evolution event ( or E2). our organisation function is to provide services to any customer who wanna make a huge event and excitement also fun thing. For examples festival, ceremony, competition, party, conversation and others. From our experience, customer have a plan that in mind and it was imagination but we can make it real, better or in front of their bare eyes, they'll experience without any imagination and past experience because we have a technology named super imposed. The super imposed technology will take care of their imagination that would create a virtual world.To be in this job you must have a dip or certificate in interior decorator. It is a awesome technology. i bet on it.

Since last month, my heart was beating so fast. i knew why, but i couldn't stop it. it shakes very fast everytime i thought about her. always thinking bout her when phone rang, when phone message beeped, before sleeping at night, [sigh]. I Really had a miserable day. Although i had a bunch of crazy friend which same as mine. We may laugh together, do work together, order delivery meals together, jogging together, even got warning letter for not attending class. but, that's nothing near her. I am just a boy who missing something.. She got "something". uhuhuhuhu. I keep asking myself "Why?", Who am i in her heart?. " sure".

Friday, July 11, 2008

Really messed up

Love is a nice song.

who lives in your surroundings.

he will take care of you when you are upset.when you are in tears.

He is an expression makes a wonderful smile in person life.

We cannot describe it as it flows in your living.

Love can be huge as sea, but also small as tiny ant.

All matters are wonder what happen if people live without any love.

Is there "wonderful" tag in his/her life.

We can said "No" to people that willingly to sincerely to our heart and hope that someone special would come in life.

The important thing is you care about it as he's care for ya' .

Accept it as your heart said. It shall bring happy moment.

Hold until your last breath.

Free Al-Quran download in MP3

Al-Quran Free download in mp3 format.

Check it out!!!

There's an easy steps to download.

1. Go to

2. For an example. i chose "Al-Sudais"

3. For an example. i chose "surah 1 to 20"

4. Scroll down a bit. You'll see from surah 001 to surah 020.

5. Click surah that you want to download to your pc.

6. Done !

People nowadays are busy with their life. But those aren't matters without back to basic.
God give us guidance to make lives better and gain better. So, learn from it and never put it behind.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Flash, drifting champion

Here great news for whom interested in drifting. A flash drift that make your hands and legs shaking fastly. try click below and

Start Drifting

click the picture

credit :

Print screen :

How far can you throw ?

Hello everyone =)

during my time in surfing websites and blogs. I want to share something fun to you guys. its about how far you can throw the paper plane. Try once. I bet you will try it second times. :)

click here to play

This is another version

click here for more information

Friday, July 04, 2008

Holiday until 7.7.08 (part 1/2)

i choosed this topic becauce [hate this kindergarden sentence] first of all, my blog is not update. then, i looked in the mirror, and said to myself " what will effect me in few years?" . This is not a first time im thinking about it. maybe hundred times. The holiday that i'd been through is a answer from a gateway to future world that i needed.
I bought a transnational ticket and departed from Kl at 11.00am. I was my first transnational ticket in 1 year and a half. Before this, i choosed Konsortium bus because their ticket always there. Transnational company bus is on of the most suitable and comfortable for a long long journey and cheap cost.
My mounth opened and "Oooooooooooouuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh!!" , What a relief to have came back from frenzy world to heaven. i smiled.

At start, my untie called me since i m in Kl, watching a series drama show. "since you back home, you better come here and help me"She said. "ok", i replied. Then, she picked me at my house since my grandma' want to meet her besan. [aku tak tau dlm bhs inggeris]. I waved 5 fingers to my younger twin siblings.
The Real Drama

At 12.00 pm, we went to her shop at Kepala Batas, Penang. Its about 10minutes to get there. My tasks were create 3 design like 2 banners and a flyer. It took me just 2 days for creating both banners. but, flyers isn't an easy path. I started at 3.00pm until 9.00pm and it was not enough. The flyer cannot be done by tomorrow also. My father drop by to the shop to pick me up back home. He waited for 4 hours, maybe. He is really a good person. Then, i got back to home late at night.

One of the banner :

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Own Fake Magazine

hye guys..

i want share wif u guys about a thing, a website that can make your own cover magazine.
it is suitable for using myspace or friendster or facebook or all of them. There is a tip.
go to this ( website and upload your picture.

once done,

1. choose any magazine design that you like. it rather interesting and easy than make it with adobe photoshop.. :)

2. Click small or medium size

3. save to your camputer..

example. :
Lisa pujaanku.hehe

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Proposal Daisakusen

Hello, recently ive been watching japanese drama (jdrama). the drama named "Proposal Daisakusen" .

The synopsis is a man named iwase ken like a girl, yoshida rei. During her wedding day, he was so sad. an angel saw his appreciation to the girl. thus, he sent him back in time to win her heart..

Proposal Daisakusen Ending Theme piano


Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Hello, today i want to post about new movie named "Hancock". There is a guy who may be super hero. i mean real super hero. he can fly into the air, throwing a whale with his bare hand, and unfortunately hated by people. The movie is so nice because this hero get caught and went to prison for a period.

I am not a movies maniac but, i really recommended to watch this movie in your nearby cinema.. I also will rushing to be the first among the first watching :Hancock:

Star : Will Smith

movie profile

Saturday, June 14, 2008


//There is something weired below

//try to separate the "A" and "B"

//Put them next to each other

//What happen ??.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Different meals

This was an extraordinary scene that i ever had in my life.

It began at the afternoon at 2 o'clock when we were hungry and needed something good and full of passion. I woke up late that morning since i planned to abandon all my classes because it was final day of this semester. i just thinking of an ice cream, a friend of mine also thinking the same way. we waited for an ice cream man to passed by our house. This is my breakfast.

After that, my friends came up with an idea to had different lunch. I just said PIZZA. all of sudden my friend hand up his handphone and start dialing referring to pizza hut website. He tried 3 hp to reach an operator. Such a serious person for meal type. There was a quote which we hold ,

"Eat is not such a waste".

Before that, there was a moment where me and friends were quarreling. its about the quote, their excuses were, money can make another thing else. therefore, they eat a bit everyday as saving their money for all matter but taking good meals. i was disagree with them. we should eat whatever food we want as its not forbid in religion. rite!


tomorrow 14hb-o6-08,

they sets another different meals in the morning to have McD berger. "They are kidding already" i said that because what we had yesterday is enough for me, but them.. so i ignored their weired plan.
At night, they called me suddenly, i rush to downstairs to finds out what happen. 3 of them looking to a laptop screen and discussing a thing. "what is that?", "come here and search what you want" they replied. So, we ordered McD 4 cheese burgers, and some french fries.

What a day. sigh!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Polaroid Frames

this is a website that will turn your picture to polaroid frames. It is fun though'

Try it at

example :

Bowling kun

>Yesterday there was enormous function that led to a unforgotten day.
>I was excited at the moment as all my friends got smile shape at their face.
>We got loss awhile since he, Pul forgot the place
>It was situated in the shade
>At the Indoor largest park in Malaysia
>We pay a game and shoes

There we goes

We played for a round. The player of the round was Faiz as D23, Joe as Joe, Pul as Sky, and me as Cruise. Im not very comfortable at first, they were like giant killer as all of them got a strike[all pins fall in a strike]. My points was so poor sadly.. There was a friend which prefer not to play bowling. He wanted to buy something at The Lowyat Plaza.

Video recorded.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Key To A Good Memory

1. Study with a friend

2. Learn to like the teacher

3. Preparation before lesson

4. Teach someone else

5. Do note in color

In this world, no one has such a poor memory. We either have a good trained or untrained memory.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy and sad moment

introduction :
i was so nervous regarding what will happen today because it's the day of mid semester result will be show to us. All students in arabic class acted was so damn cool, as nothing happen at that time. But an ordinary person, our heart beat so fast and kept asking themselves "how is my arabic mark?", "Is it pass?", or "hopefully i am not in fail list", or else... These questions were question that usually came in a person mind set what will happen next.

As i am concerning myself, my heart was surprisely beaten fast also even though i knew that i was doing well in this subject. And i dunno why. It just happened.. against myself

I got lucky and my mark weren't too bad.

This is a part that really blew me down guys!

1. Computer and internet security or CNS.
2. Islamic Civilization

As of their low mark, i have to musabahah [means searching where is your wrong and how to solve it] on this subject. This was my great defeated in battle of education. I was so shame of myself. But, i have to live on.

Happy :
Actually i just ran off my pocket money right now. And i did something to get it.I was so glad it happened..

My friend, Hazim invited me to do a logo design. I did it. He was relief. For your information i already post about this matter [click here]

but it nothing to compare what im sad right now. Happy moment is just a moment. it will flew passes along with time..

"This is not The End"

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

during Last paper

My last paper for midterm passed today as im struggling to search my lucky pen. its gone. how sad.

as im walking to the exam hall, im asking my friend if he had any pen. "no", he said. Awful. there was no option left except using my second pen which i not sure is it in order, are its ink there?. i have to leave it to god.................lucky it may do its job until my last push-stop.

Im trying to keep smile in the exam hall. the smile will give me a good mood. i was so sure that i will do it nicely done. MCQ or multiple choice question is easy for me. but, subjective question was an obstacle blocked me to get high mark.The question asked about method of security plan, it wanted 5 list and brief but i just remembered 3 of them.huhhu. it took me half and hour to reach the answer. All my friends were done already. So, i gave up and left the exam hall.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Reader Digest

hello everyone.
this week, we had an exam week which means i have to study in wasting my fun time. it is so important because i had to maintain my pointer. the pointer function is to ensure i been chosen to go to any university.but, this is not im trying to babbling about. the things are....

while i was surfing the internet i click to the reader digest website. Reader Digest magazine is so popular in the malaysia and singapore. it also popular to other country which i dont know about it. In the website, i click the funny label [laugh] and the thing i said began.....

this is one of the fun thing i copied from itself.

Erred Error

"Usually there's no computer problem I can't solve. But I met my match when I turned on my machine and was greeted with the message "Keyboard not detected. Hit any key to continue."

-- Alex Hu, Arcadia, California

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Event

09 may 2008.

there's an art exhibition at my place.. there were digital art, anime, illustration organize by The One academy- Creative digital Art Convention. Me and my friend went there by bus provided. We through 3 buses to get there. it such an awful starter. The exhibition held at level 3, we were lucky because there was a huge door which had a large banner stated DIGITAL ART EXHIBITION by The One Academy.
We were surprised and shocked, all arts there were made by pro candidate and some of them gave us their url blog and website.. it was wonderful day.

At the front, there were artist who draw guests face and i'm one of them

These are some of their websites and blogs:


Thursday, May 08, 2008

Best Event

i already had a friends which makes me felt better nowadays, there were so much fun on world stage that could make my world rock without realizing lack of something important which i must search for the rest of the world.. it is a life partner. i had no partner which could make my life barely perfect. but it doesn't matter because i had a bunch of friends that will appreciate me .

Tomorrow i'll follow my head and heart to go to art exhibition by the one academy. it is my life. it's all about my life. i love to learn all about design, my pop also realized it since he will put me under design team in his company. An ID company i not allowed to said its name. i will go with my friends

it's all about passion. i may go there just by 4 ringgit.


Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark) is a fictional character, a comic book superhero appearing in publications from Marvel Comics. Created by writer-editor Stan Lee, scripter Larry Lieber, and artists Don Heck and Jack Kirby, Iron Man first appeared in Tales of Suspense #39 (March 1963). Tony Stark, after suffering a severe heart injury and being kidnapped, was forced to build a devastating weapon. He instead created a suit of power armor to save his life and help protect the world as Iron Man. He is a wealthy industrialist and genius inventor that created military weapons and whose metal suit is laden with technological devices that enable him to fight crime...[more]



Wallpaper[1600 x 1200]

Thursday, May 01, 2008

About others opinion

This is major things that always happened to me

what i dislike

1. Do sincere work with telling everybody.
2. Appointed as a leader or vice-leader
3. Praising my physical looking

what i like

1. Saw my mistakes
2. Ignore me [whenever i'm in moody]
3. Doesn't know my expert ability

*everyone has their own reason to do thing, some likes do make attention
from his girlfriend, some likes to make everybody praising and proud of himself and some was to hide his/her mistakes. This is all about own reason. people make these things to live on.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Command & Conquer: General Zero Hour

Command and Conquer: Generals – Zero Hour is the expansion pack for the computer game Command & Conquer: Generals.

Zero Hour added several new abilities to each side, and a new mode of play called Generals' Challenge. In Generals' Challenge the player takes on the identity of one of nine generals (three representing each faction) and does battle against most of the other generals, eventually confronting a powerful "boss" general, General Leang.

click here



credit to: wikipedia, games spot pc games,

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Today, Tuesday, 08/04/2008.

I am here in my father's office. Waiting for his discussion end. How frustration!! I looking somewhere everywhere in this room hopefully there's an interesting activities that i ought to do. But, there isnt. I go around by myself as his office was so big, every furniture i looked into, every chair I sit and sometime felt sleepy. Lastly, i decided to on a computer and surfed the internet. i visited yahoo, analytic google, friendster, deviantart, and others for one hour, suddently i moved my bare eyes below the desktop and found an icon named MIRC.

MIRC is a platform used to chat between nation or region. I clicked on it and its application appeared. I thought i wanna use my real name, but an idea came into my mind of imagination. i decided to be a teenage girl which her name was liza86 and let someone began say Hi. It's about 2 hour since beginning. 43 guys and counting were in poor list . Their hope to chat with a girl were in my experiment. The Project named was " IS IT WOMEN REALLY ATTRACT MEN"

It shows that men is fastinating with woman eventhough there isnt woman there. Think about it. So women is attractfull. I never say NO.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Today, The Ending of this semester

Today is my last subject due to final exam this semester, but i'd rather playing games with my friends as our gain spirits and not loss concentration. i studied well and just waiting for the time come. i've learning some stuff this semester to convince me what i belongs to.. who really i am. what im doing in this nonsense world.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom

The Forbidden Kingdom (Chinese: 功夫之王) is a forthcoming martial arts adventure film which is the first film collaboration between martial arts veterans Jackie Chan and Jet Li, with action choreography by Yuen Woo-ping. Filming was completed on August 24, 2007 and it went into post-production on September 29. As of April 2007 the film is officially titled The Forbidden Kingdom, before it had been often referred to as The J & J Project. Director Rob Minkoff (who previously helmed such films as The Lion King and the Stuart Little films) will be behind the camera while Yuen Woo Ping will handle the fight choreography. Film studios Lionsgate and The Weinstein Company, will share distributing duties.

STARRING: Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Michael Angarano
DIRECTOR: Rob Minkoff
STUDIO: Lionsgate
RATING: R (For violence, language)
THEATER COUNT (Opening Weekend): TBD

Official Website



Jackie Chan and Jet Li

Zhang Ziyi

resource :,,

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Demonstation Martial Art

Nashid club invited us to their closing ceremony. The ceremony is to give present to the winner of their contest. The contest held are nashid group, nashid solo, khat(art caligraphy), hafazan and others. it started at 2230 hours. All students, lecturers, staffs and outsiders were ready for the performance. The planning of Preident of Nashid club was we'd performed when all the guest were ready to eat their dinner, and it happened.It took 15 minutes for the performance.
After that, we were relief because all audience were pay full attention, some of them leave the dinner for awhile while watching us performed ourselves and they thought it was marvelous. i was so glad. =)

Johor - Melaka - KL . part 4

The engine started. We said good bye to Johor's people as we waving to them as smiles to thank what they have done for us.. It's syapk drove the car. we chattered awhile then fall asleep. He stop by in Pagoh stop to rest and pray. Then we straight to Jasin, Melaka.It's syapk's homeland. we ate mee goreng and went to an oil station. After that, we faced a problem that related to the car.. Some citizen drop by and asking question about it. I felt relief because those people in jasin were kind to us. Then syapk's father brought us a dinner and we went straight to Kuala Lumpur as im driving... end!

Monday, March 10, 2008

DotA-Allstars, the popular war game

>This is a medium for gamers over the whole to compete.This is the game who are recommended to all gamers. Many others guys rarely heard dis name, but for game like this, the members are uncountable include all 5 continental except antartica. People who are playing known as intelligent people because they have to use their mind wisely or die.Thus most of them have high mark in IQ test. some of them dislike noobers(newbie player) because they are genius, rare to lose, quick, aware, fast, dislike poor game and expert in using keyboard and mouse.

>This is also known as The Art of Mindgames.

>Yesterday, i visited some of cool videos in youtube that might you wanna watch.



by totallnewbie

DotA character, Butcher

Johor - Melaka - KL . part 3

tomorrow morning, we had breakfast then go to the field for the performance. at 11 am, stage was set, audience were ready, VIP were here, we were ready, just waiting for the announcement from the chairman . Sadly, i'm not in the performance, just clipping and recording their demonstration up there.. it took about 7 minutes to complete. first, Cikgu Hafis and Odi started then followed by syapk and abdullah. after that, a bunch of secondary kids turned. I love to see 2 boys about 7 years old made the demonstration in front of others. They were cute. at 11.30am, we had lunch and went back to prepare our stuff to KL.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Funny Japanese Show

Japanese known with their though and creative imagination... they also the best creator of robotics.
this is one of their intelligent. The show shows 6 men playing 6 cards. whoever get the wrong card get punished and they do in a library, so they could not laugh out loud.. This is the video that i took from youtube..

Johor - Melaka - KL . part 2

So... we had dinner in Cikgu Kama's house. His older sister made the dinner. They welcome us politely and respectful. Then, Cikgu Kama drove us to his training court. i shocked for awhile when entered the training court. The training court was so awesome and has peaceful scenery. Then he said" All cikgu (means teacher) want to train here. This is one of the best training court in the country". It also have traditional features like small forest at the surrounding of the training court. We trained at night. so the air was so cold.. it was fun actually. Then, we back home for sleep at Cikgu Kama's brother's house.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Johor - Melaka - KL . part 1

a story began with a plan which is to demostrate silat in johor. i went there by a car, kancil car that we rent from a friend. There are several obstacles on are way. The first is since we used kancil , the capacity of passenger are limited. It just can fit in 5 person only including a driver. but, in our group there have 6 people. They are not small person and all of them are 60kg above. we have to find a way to get through this...So we had a fantastic time which we are like sandwish. syapk is small person but, he has to drive. Then we stopped at a bus stop to switch second driver. he's me...I drove the car toward johor.. and we drop by a Machap stop and switch again with syapk. He drove to Cikgu Kama's house when entered Skudai, Johor.

example of kancil

Saturday, March 01, 2008

This is the day

Last tuesday, i were invited to a demo, martial art demo.. since I been one of them, im really grateful to inticipate the event. but there's another thing, The demonstration is held in Johor, which located south-peninsular malaysia and my homeland is in Penang. it is north-peninsular malaysia. i'll go with my friends, those are dollah & syapk we will begin our adventure this morning at eleven by car. and the best of my life is i never go there the whole of my life before.. this is a great opportunity .[laugh].. there is a new world outside my 20 years old dayly life.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thanks to 3000 visitors

for all my 3000 guests that visited my blog since i end-year. thousand thanks to you guys, i hope my blog will get a new great opinion later on. i just doing this for cheering myself only and sort of information that i love to share with guys. it is part of mine in personality honestly. im gladly if you

Monday, February 25, 2008

Top restaurant

I'm here at this moment want to share with you guys bout the best restaurant in the world. rich people searching for these restaurant over the world for seeking a wonderful and luxurious meal. their special desert, creative presentation, and makes their proud of its special for their reasonable
cash. this is a link for ya' .


Bohemia Top Restaurant

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Men Vs Women

This is an absolute different between women and men, they are see each other, do same others do, chatting around, do wild activities, eat together, watching cinema and others, but do you know what else not different?

What happened when Men do behind those women, and what women do behind men bared eyes ?
These is those different might we search for. I've got something from the internet and shared with ya'll. have fun!


Women love cats.

Men say they love cats, but when women aren't looking, men kick cats.


A woman marries a man expecting he will change, but he doesn't.

A man marries a woman expecting that she won't change and she does.


A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend.

A successful woman is one who can find such a man.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

celebrating news

now i am at cyber cafe collecting information about my assignment, that is not im talking about

the objectives are i want to express myself through this blog about how i' m feel after making such a decision that risk my entire life. but, it never near my risk. My life began started to cheer which i can do everything i want with no doubt about it. hehe

i have more experience due to last year,2007 i makes me far further ahead and gain my courage to keep myself clean and tidy. my mind is calmly and wonderful for such a frenzy year. today, this year. i'll archive my destiny, my true destiny.. so the journey began.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Blow story

This is a blow for myself. i choosed a wrong choice last year that could make my life not better at all. I wrote this because to remind me 4 enduring not to do it again in future. 1 false step will disaster your life althought it small last time!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The untouchable final 28

Im declared myself as LIVERPOOL fan. so while I was surfing the internet i got a new, fantastic info to share with you guys.

There is a video about Torres and Gerrard combination in this season. I think they had good chemistry that will impact the club became bigger. so..

here 's the link

Friday, January 11, 2008

Good opportunity once in a year

This story is about me and my friend happened in 10jan08.

The main objective is to meet some of my friends in Bangi. We agreed to meet in Mid while I invited one of my friend, Pul.?. We started from Gombak at 1400 by Rapid KL, drop off and rode KTM train until reached Mid Valley.

There were a lots of people everywhere. WHY??? we chattered awhile. "why there're lots of humans here, at this time." We had no idea. While waiting for my friends coming, i was walking along all brand outlets that famous all the world. It surprised me that all expensive t-shirt and pants turned below Rm50 which the original price was rm100 and above. there was 50percent off. At the end of the route, i focused my bare eyes to a paper that stamped on a glass. It wrote "END YEAR SALES!!!". We laughed and searched for ATM machine. What a day. lol

Finally, I bought a T-shirt priced about Rm20, it is SAMUEL & KEVIN brand after meet my friends.

I'll post the shirt here, for approving my statement.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Top 10 Sports Stars of 2007

1. Anna Kournikova[tennis player]

2. Maria Sharapova[tennis player]

3. Cristiano Ronaldo[football player]

4. Tiger Woods[golf player]

5. Danica Patrick[IRL Driver]

6. Michelle Wie[golf player]

7. Barry Bonds[besbol player]

8. Lucas Neill[football player]

9. Lance Armstrong[bike]

10. Tom Brady