Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Meiko; break fast party 2

Gladly i got new friend.

Last night, i went to the break fast party held by hazim group. there was a celebrity there. since the day was her birthday party too. We sang birthday of the year song and clicked some photograph. There will no future party like this. maybe i should put some images here.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Meiko; break fast party

today is sunday,september28,2008. 6.35pm..

i've been invited tp a break fast party at "bukit Antarabangsa". The progress are running smoothly except one. The price might costly. luckly i kept these much money to convince myself to go there. All my "new" friends are going. Some of them I declare as alien to me.. But it is interesting because if the party goes well. I will have some new friends that i remember the rest of my life. Hazim will be driving his dad's car. Proton Waja. Although he is a new license driver. I hope we drive it carefully. but he might create a huss. sometimes.

  • Location : Bukit Antarabangsa
  • Time : break fast. (Maghrib)
  • People : 20 person
  • Cost/person : rm40 (i got "luckly" and a sponsor)

Monday, September 15, 2008

since last Holiday

Since my last holiday which is yesterday, i had a lot of problem that came to me. huh! i got tension all over me.

My friend said the practikal must find myself at my place which is penang pulau mutiara. Thus, my sponsorship is not done yet. tomorrow i have to meet mdm norisawati to have an agreement to receive a resit. Today i already submitted 2 newsletter background to put in the newsletter which will distribute on october. Also magazine design that i must submit on 18september(this thursday).

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Tomorrow Ramadhan

These days as my journey walked on its own path, i looked down pale beyond my limit. i showed untrustworthy to myself. The devil inside me overwhelmed in controlling me, laughing themselves and do major sins ss im doing it so.

Tomorrow is a huge thing happen this year,2008. Its fasting month of the year. I'm feeling lucky so i can throw out all rubbish in me. =) . Thankful to God. He give me one more time to keep me searching good side in this dirty world.

To all muslims, Happy Fasting.