Monday, March 10, 2008

DotA-Allstars, the popular war game

>This is a medium for gamers over the whole to compete.This is the game who are recommended to all gamers. Many others guys rarely heard dis name, but for game like this, the members are uncountable include all 5 continental except antartica. People who are playing known as intelligent people because they have to use their mind wisely or die.Thus most of them have high mark in IQ test. some of them dislike noobers(newbie player) because they are genius, rare to lose, quick, aware, fast, dislike poor game and expert in using keyboard and mouse.

>This is also known as The Art of Mindgames.

>Yesterday, i visited some of cool videos in youtube that might you wanna watch.



by totallnewbie

DotA character, Butcher

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