Friday, June 13, 2008

Different meals

This was an extraordinary scene that i ever had in my life.

It began at the afternoon at 2 o'clock when we were hungry and needed something good and full of passion. I woke up late that morning since i planned to abandon all my classes because it was final day of this semester. i just thinking of an ice cream, a friend of mine also thinking the same way. we waited for an ice cream man to passed by our house. This is my breakfast.

After that, my friends came up with an idea to had different lunch. I just said PIZZA. all of sudden my friend hand up his handphone and start dialing referring to pizza hut website. He tried 3 hp to reach an operator. Such a serious person for meal type. There was a quote which we hold ,

"Eat is not such a waste".

Before that, there was a moment where me and friends were quarreling. its about the quote, their excuses were, money can make another thing else. therefore, they eat a bit everyday as saving their money for all matter but taking good meals. i was disagree with them. we should eat whatever food we want as its not forbid in religion. rite!


tomorrow 14hb-o6-08,

they sets another different meals in the morning to have McD berger. "They are kidding already" i said that because what we had yesterday is enough for me, but them.. so i ignored their weired plan.
At night, they called me suddenly, i rush to downstairs to finds out what happen. 3 of them looking to a laptop screen and discussing a thing. "what is that?", "come here and search what you want" they replied. So, we ordered McD 4 cheese burgers, and some french fries.

What a day. sigh!

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