Sunday, August 17, 2008

New day

as i woke up at early morning, i lay down my legs on the floor reaching a home slippers and went to bathroom right away. i looked my face through a mirror which is hanging in front of me. I told myself a couple of times, "what i gonna do today something interesting ," sadly there isn't any answer.sigh!!.

These days, i have a lot of job surrounding myself it like clubs. I got 3 matter to handle with. first my photo magazine club, second president club, and third my group in business communication. it was an awful day to keep those keep going smoothly.I had to do a poster and flyers that related to their competition design like poet, short novel, cover mag design, arabic calligraphy, comics, cartoon and others. then, president club job is to find any sponsor that will put in the workshop on business etiquette and communication.

Suddenly, the door knocked by my housemate,"Hurry up, i gonna piss"." wait la", i replied. my shower that day is not really perfect due to noise created.

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