Saturday, March 21, 2009

First Attempt on 3D design

On the last 96 hours ago, me and friend were taking a konsortium bus heading to kl for participating 3D rendering design class or interiCAD located in klang,selangor. the class will be start at 9.30am in the next morning. We rent a room in a hotel near Federal Highway, at the entrance to the Klang township. The hotel named Prescott Hotel.

For the first day, we learned some autocad basic like line, polyline, rectange, etc. After that, we switch to modelling part. the modelling view is easy to understand as it has four view in a screen. The view are top view, front view, side view and 3d view. All screen are update simultaneously each time me creates new line for example.

The next day is more interesting and fun. It is because our trainer, kevin would like to teach us render and drag furniture to our design / house. but it takes time to do it because our furniture or structure must be located in the right place and the right furniture. For example, we simply cannot put classic furniture on a modern home design, it is way too far from the right concept.
After done it, we save it to a jpeg file and bring it to home.

Below is my work :
simply click for large view.


boodark_lagi said...

nie gune sopware ke ape nie?? sopware pe gune???

Cruisewar said...

interiCAD .. tau ke ?