Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fasting : Ramadhan

During this period, i attend to do some good stuff, work harder than before and learn as much as i do. The Ramadhan refreshed me on how to increase ibadah during this period ( 1 month ). 

If i succeed my challenges this month, later im able to do so. so that i m better person as before ramadhan held. I also participated in business seminar which might help me in future. The participants there were so nice, although im the younger one. They treated me kindly.

I want to seek apologize to my friends out there. if i did something you guys sad which i would have  known, i sorry. To all my dota friends. Get out there and build a clan so we can compete each other. heheh. The a guy named axixxx xxkim aka jo. Thanks for spending time with me playin' dota. I rather play beside you ever than at home. if we were neighbours. For wanda, next time i'll treat you. ok.

I hope my plan will go smoothly. 

1 comment:

wanda said...

i will wait for your treat..ok?