Thursday, December 03, 2009

3 December 2009 : 1226

things are getting well this month. the date is coming. im ready for it. My Business goal starts
next year. so i must prepared myself to face any situation and solve it.

I got a trip to kl this couple weekend which I already took annual holiday last month. I have prepared money, cloth, mental and physical. There has been some problem occur lately. I cant contact my friend in kl ( he is my tourist guide tho' since i havent stepped to kl for 5 month ) . He
already promised me that i may stay at his home for 2 night. Thats the sad story. So so overcome
this situation i contacted several friends at kl whereby i can stay at their house incase i cant
contact him ( my guide ) when the time comes.

I also contact few friends that not in kl like in Taiping and KL ( just to tell im going to kL ). Surprisely, they want to join me. Thats good.

I have 2 precious plans there. First is to watch Drift Race Live in Serdang ( Frankly, I love drift race) The second is follow my friends plan. The plan is stay for a night at Genting Highland. We have agreed because the plan is already made last year and we cant fulfill it.

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