Monday, December 17, 2007

After the dat day...

Meet my friends

As time runs out. Somethings in my memory would never fallen. Yesterday, me and my friends started to begin our adventure at 9 o'clock. My friend,Epul came with his father to our rent house.Then his father took us to a nearby place .We have breakfast at Ehsan Restaurant.At 10 am, we departed to Sunway Lagoon by a popular bus company,RapidKL.

Soon, we walked in Sunway Piramid for a while since it had renovation last month I guessed. This is my first experience in this place. We searched for ATM machine for a ticket each of us... [bored]

Ok.this is best moment....we started with Pirate's Revenge. We turned upside down [360 degrees], as my head under my legs for the first time. I had a bit scared before the pirated began. In order to keep myself controlled, I set my mind that what ever happen, just enjoy dis time. So I ride it, sit, put my belt on, stared to my friends and go.... just like that. I saw all things happen. As we were flew 24 metres above sea level fastly, my blood was gathering up in the head. It turned red. We laugh all together. No one shaking or crying. I said to myself. "This is fantastic, let do it again". =)

After that, we went to our second ride called Tomhawk. It is twise 360 degrees, mean your head will be upside down twise also. hahaha. Same enjoyed and fun like Pirate's Revenge except twice 360 and faster saje . Then, we went for the Roller Coaster. We had to waited for more 10minutes. sigh!. But it valuable. I had best time. Sorry cannot describe how good it was.We walked at The World's Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge, measuring 428m in length. That was so long. hehehe.

Then I forced myself to buy a short pant for bathing and swimming at The Surf Beach and Water Of Africa. At 5 pm, we went for tea time and back home in Gombak.. What a precious day.

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park Website

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