Thursday, July 17, 2008

My last semester

i found it difficult to find myself where is my position these days. since 2007, i was hopeless. there's a lot of pressure on my shoulder that i barely couldnt hold for a long time. Some bad nostalgia that happened in this year i couldn't forget. never forget.

Thank god[alhamdulillah]. i am survive till this moment. i can see the real world outside my window. Tomorrow, i'll go outside and go underneath them. looking for a real world means.

These days, ive been appointed as a president for my company. my company name is Evolution event ( or E2). our organisation function is to provide services to any customer who wanna make a huge event and excitement also fun thing. For examples festival, ceremony, competition, party, conversation and others. From our experience, customer have a plan that in mind and it was imagination but we can make it real, better or in front of their bare eyes, they'll experience without any imagination and past experience because we have a technology named super imposed. The super imposed technology will take care of their imagination that would create a virtual world.To be in this job you must have a dip or certificate in interior decorator. It is a awesome technology. i bet on it.

Since last month, my heart was beating so fast. i knew why, but i couldn't stop it. it shakes very fast everytime i thought about her. always thinking bout her when phone rang, when phone message beeped, before sleeping at night, [sigh]. I Really had a miserable day. Although i had a bunch of crazy friend which same as mine. We may laugh together, do work together, order delivery meals together, jogging together, even got warning letter for not attending class. but, that's nothing near her. I am just a boy who missing something.. She got "something". uhuhuhuhu. I keep asking myself "Why?", Who am i in her heart?. " sure".

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