Sunday, November 01, 2009

30 oct 2009

For the last couple weeks, i've been invited from a friend at Bayview Hotel, Penang. The idea is having lunch without spending any coins. That is because she had won a lucky draw in august. I really dont care actually. huh~

So at 1115 hour i drove a black crystal car from my house. swiftly went to her house area at gelugor. After i waited awhile , she appeared with black and blue dresses color bringing the 'precious' tickets . Since i have not been there yet, she guided through some route.

"Here we are, this is the place," . "oh," i replied while look up under a shade tree.


So we started by a menu as aspected. As i seen through the lists. i realise that some menus we barely find at normal stall. sigh! So we began with ordering something special on the menu lists. I end up chicken chop while my friend chose other dish, fish and chip.

We had some conversation and leave the chairs heat.

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wanda arry said...

t blanja ak lak..hehehe