Thursday, October 22, 2009

21 october

this is my busy weekdays. from a residential bungalow to a famous indian restaurant. As usual, i start my work at 9 am everydays.

Last monday, i got a news that we need to design 3 unit bungalow in KL and we supposed to finished it by wednesday. huh!. "ok," i said. after i studied the floorplan given, OMG!
there are 3 stories bungalow with extra unique design which might got me headache.huhu. i take 5 minutes rest, i need to concentrate on this task and keep my mind calm and steady.

After two days working hard from morning to midnite, my task is done. hhuh. what a relief. thanks to fiqa whom always here although its just in virtual world[via ym]. Thanks to pak bear and kecik called me each day to make me felt better.

Below are some of my design in those 2 days :


wanda arry said...

nice..t deko ,y future house ok?

Anonymous said...

really great n nice designs..
wish u da best of luck
n really hope dat u'll fulfill ur task succesfully k..
chaiyok2! ;)