Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New life.... begin, part 2

Here's the news.. something happened at the first time we went there.

1. Our friends lost the true way [ lost for 1 hour]
2. We surrounded by a bunch of unknown citizen.
3. We got an small accident while waited for traffic light. [ a girl driver crushed us]
4. Another accident, it is same accident that we had before.. the different are type of car, amount
of passenger, place, and time. The car became just like Burger'

we got the house after meet the owner, it was a nice corner lot house. Such a big for 6-7 people, Pay less, and maybe can be gardener someday because there was a small field at our back yard.
A friend of mine said " I will seeing my plant grow up right here", while pointed a spot.. We smiled agreely..:::::

The things i always think are how to get good result in my exam. hopefully with flying colours. ;D
My friend, Along will handling the matter of the house, as I said yesterday to him. He will handling about economy, and the owner. Hopefully the owner will satisfiying with us as he smiles..

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