Saturday, January 05, 2008

New life.... begin, part 1

I wanted to go out from this house one day, because there are much nostalgic story to be heard.

My friends had to do it or... we will be old life forever which can't "out from the box". There are much to be said. There much to be listened. who knows, this is the end. Of me. All my planning gone wrong. All began to spread to pieces... This is my drastic move which I have to "out from the box". Although this is my lonely move, my friends also have their lonely move. There are nothing different in ours. hehe. I gladly have someone who agreed my opinion. This might cheering me awhile. So we went out from the box at 7JAN08 after I found the best place for us. A friend helped me find the house. He is a good person i known because he is willing to help me although we just friend 3 days. His searched began with his old house at TMN KOPERASI POLIS FASA 1, but failed. then, he got a friend which is finding some roommate, so he suggested me to move in, but something blocked our goal. Nevermind!.

[end part 1]

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