Friday, January 11, 2008

Good opportunity once in a year

This story is about me and my friend happened in 10jan08.

The main objective is to meet some of my friends in Bangi. We agreed to meet in Mid while I invited one of my friend, Pul.?. We started from Gombak at 1400 by Rapid KL, drop off and rode KTM train until reached Mid Valley.

There were a lots of people everywhere. WHY??? we chattered awhile. "why there're lots of humans here, at this time." We had no idea. While waiting for my friends coming, i was walking along all brand outlets that famous all the world. It surprised me that all expensive t-shirt and pants turned below Rm50 which the original price was rm100 and above. there was 50percent off. At the end of the route, i focused my bare eyes to a paper that stamped on a glass. It wrote "END YEAR SALES!!!". We laughed and searched for ATM machine. What a day. lol

Finally, I bought a T-shirt priced about Rm20, it is SAMUEL & KEVIN brand after meet my friends.

I'll post the shirt here, for approving my statement.

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