Thursday, January 15, 2009


i receive my muet result today.
actually im abit afraid of the result because people always my fren. wanda, willingly to check my result as me checking my sis and her friend result. so i went to . type their IC numbers and wallah! . they got band 2.

then wanda msg me ,"wanna know your result?" i just calm and relax asking "what happen.?"
"We are same," she reply. without any doubt i ask her. "msg me hurray if i got band 4"[.......]. no she said.. hmm... not good enough i guest..

i got band 3..

the day is far worst than yesterday. i hope that our dream come true. making history one day.

1 comment:

CaPiQa said...

band 3 is good enough what..

that 'band' is not the only indicator..

look at ur entries. they're more than 'band 3', rite? ^_^