Friday, January 09, 2009


today is january,5,2009..1057

im on duty now. since last minutes. im find myself difficult to solve some of requirement tht may not happen.. hmm. it is to change a little layout that using so much time and script. just now i m finding myself hard to solve the situation. for the script, although i tried so much ways. it just now the right script. there is not any solution..hmm.. i just tell him, my boss that the layout would not come. hmm,, my head is felt dizzy . so horroble.

there are some task also here. the first thing is im not paying attention to my proposal and progress report which are must submit last year. the tasks was done! but there is not any movement to binding it and send it to a post office nearby. i just been inform from a lecturer that the college must receive it with binding. my expectation is just fax it to college. hmm

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