Tuesday, January 20, 2009


i woke up early morning this time because i had to catch up showering grass before my grandma do so. she is a physically weak but her spirit is strong. so if i late to do it. she will do it and it wil cause her bad thing. her knee is not so well.

now i am in the office doing my part time job. updating website features and content. i surfing the internet a couple of time. and find a good thing to share with.. on ohcun created by bro khai. there was a label of massive web design and one of them attract me most. it is plurk.com. plurk is a web that tell you what your friend doing. they keep updating what their doing by plurking in a timeline. so you dont have to ask always.. it more fun. than other social network website.

i m new in plurk. so i have to explore more myself. bye

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