Friday, October 02, 2009

07 October 09

hello guys, i felt a little bit happy this day because i start to love what i ve done here. i have good friends. We share information, jokes together, laught together, and even hangout with each other after work. Beside that, my design these days are better that before after i observed some time in design magazine and also put myself in nearby showhouse so that i can felt after the design complete furnished.

me also dare talk to bisnes friends in english. now im concentrating to improve my english . i ve made some research about how to improving my english. the result is, we must talk in english always. thats is my mistakes since child. hu. now i want to take out all mistakes and go advance in life beside doe some reading and writing.

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wanda arry said...

hey i also want to speak in english coz my new job required me to deal with foreigner especially from us..