Friday, October 09, 2009

9 oct 09.

today is the last day of my working days. i ve some several plans start tonight. but that is not my attention now. The real thing bothering me is what i need to plan the rest of my life in penang. since last year. i got nothing to do here. No friends activities. no jokes to laugh. No holiday trip plan. and no dotA.

i want to be a person myself that unique to others. several parts were there.hmm actualy its not enough. i want to be a person who kept their advantages. people will look me as weak and naif. they will come to me always to seek help and some guidance. and respect me as they do to other people. comment me if u guys had something to say about my opinion. mayb im wrong, mayb in right.. who knew, life matters.

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wanda arry said...

yeah dats i got nothing 2 do in fren,nohing to do during weekends,bored n make me feel dat im going back to bangi....jom kita plan p mana2 rmai2