Wednesday, May 21, 2008

during Last paper

My last paper for midterm passed today as im struggling to search my lucky pen. its gone. how sad.

as im walking to the exam hall, im asking my friend if he had any pen. "no", he said. Awful. there was no option left except using my second pen which i not sure is it in order, are its ink there?. i have to leave it to god.................lucky it may do its job until my last push-stop.

Im trying to keep smile in the exam hall. the smile will give me a good mood. i was so sure that i will do it nicely done. MCQ or multiple choice question is easy for me. but, subjective question was an obstacle blocked me to get high mark.The question asked about method of security plan, it wanted 5 list and brief but i just remembered 3 of them.huhhu. it took me half and hour to reach the answer. All my friends were done already. So, i gave up and left the exam hall.

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