Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy and sad moment

introduction :
i was so nervous regarding what will happen today because it's the day of mid semester result will be show to us. All students in arabic class acted was so damn cool, as nothing happen at that time. But an ordinary person, our heart beat so fast and kept asking themselves "how is my arabic mark?", "Is it pass?", or "hopefully i am not in fail list", or else... These questions were question that usually came in a person mind set what will happen next.

As i am concerning myself, my heart was surprisely beaten fast also even though i knew that i was doing well in this subject. And i dunno why. It just happened.. against myself

I got lucky and my mark weren't too bad.

This is a part that really blew me down guys!

1. Computer and internet security or CNS.
2. Islamic Civilization

As of their low mark, i have to musabahah [means searching where is your wrong and how to solve it] on this subject. This was my great defeated in battle of education. I was so shame of myself. But, i have to live on.

Happy :
Actually i just ran off my pocket money right now. And i did something to get it.I was so glad it happened..

My friend, Hazim invited me to do a logo design. I did it. He was relief. For your information i already post about this matter [click here]

but it nothing to compare what im sad right now. Happy moment is just a moment. it will flew passes along with time..

"This is not The End"

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