Friday, May 16, 2008

Reader Digest

hello everyone.
this week, we had an exam week which means i have to study in wasting my fun time. it is so important because i had to maintain my pointer. the pointer function is to ensure i been chosen to go to any university.but, this is not im trying to babbling about. the things are....

while i was surfing the internet i click to the reader digest website. Reader Digest magazine is so popular in the malaysia and singapore. it also popular to other country which i dont know about it. In the website, i click the funny label [laugh] and the thing i said began.....

this is one of the fun thing i copied from itself.

Erred Error

"Usually there's no computer problem I can't solve. But I met my match when I turned on my machine and was greeted with the message "Keyboard not detected. Hit any key to continue."

-- Alex Hu, Arcadia, California

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